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Understanding the difference between a taxi and chauffeur service.

Having recently conveyed a lovely young couple back from Southampton to Kings Langley, various comments made by our new chauffeur clients pushed me in writing this latest blog post.

The question revolves around the subject of  “What’s the difference between a taxi and chauffeur service?”

This client had made a last minute enquiry for their chauffeur car hire from Kings Langley to Southampton, their outbound transfer would take place on Father’s Day.

With various other airport chauffeur bookings in place across the day it was always going to be a challenge to accommodate their chauffeur transfer from Kings Langley to Southampton Docks at such short notice.

However once we discussed the chauffeur vehicle, (Mercedes V Class) the transfer itself and expected travel time, the booking was confirmed and paid for within 10 minutes.

By the initial phone call with Mrs N, I could tell that their expectations of our chauffeur service would be extremely high, but this is to be expected especially if you are paying a premium above a normal taxi service or executive car service in Hertfordshire.

Gaining the trust of new clients when booking a professional chauffeur service is extremely difficult but can sometimes win clients for life if handled in the correct professional manner.

I discussed the usual pre-departure routine and arrival routine, this would include a text message sent the evening before departure with their chauffeur details and upon docking at Southampton the collecting chauffeur would again send a welcome back text and clarify his parked position, ready for the homeward journey.

All backed up with my personal mobile telephone number should they need to contact me directly for whatever reason. (All our clients receive an emergency contact telephone number, usually mine 🙂 )

As things turned out Samuel looked after our clients for their outbound journey from Kings Langley to Southampton, he sent me various text messages to acknowledge his arrival at the address and to also advise me that the clients weren’t quite ready for their departure, in fact approximately twenty minutes later Sam was still waiting patiently but never rushing our clients, on more than one occasion Sam reassured our clients that the wait wasn’t a problem and just to relax and make the most of the journey down to Southampton docks where their cruise ship would be waiting.

The chauffeur transfer to Southampton docks went well and Sam confirmed that our new clients had been dropped off safe and sound.

Our clients would be returning a week later and once the logistics of who would be looking after individual bookings and clients on that particular day, I allocated Mr and Mrs N on my own personal schedule.

Being an early Sunday morning and for once sunny, the drive to Southampton from Hertfordshire went very smoothly, our client had requested a 09.30 collection from the ship and as I drove closer and closer could see the beautiful Queen Victoria cruise ship in the distance ahead, ready and docked.

As agreed I sent our client a text to advise her that I was parked ready and would be waiting for her phone call to drive to their collection lane and then onward to their home.

Almost instantly I received a phone call from Mrs N and she told me that they had exited and the point of collection where they were waiting, I advised the client that I would be round to collect in two minutes.

One of the first things that I noticed about our new clients once I had collected them, was how genuinely happy they both were to see me and be seated in the Mercedes V Class, this vehicle comes with ample luggage and personal space inside the vehicle.

The compliments on Sam, the vehicles, the service and the way their initial enquiry was dealt with made it a true pleasure to chauffeur them both home, the traffic was also good for the journey home and no sooner had we left Southampton, we were arriving in Kings Langley, Hertfordshire.

As always, I personally carried our clients suitcases to the front entrance door of their home and thanked them for using our service.

Upon departing, I could tell that these clients were genuinely appreciative of the service that we had all provided and no doubt we would hear from them in the near future.

On days like this, and knowing that you’ve undertaken another professional chauffeur transfer, all those associated problems including traffic issues etc are worth every penny.

Thank you, Mr and Mrs N for trusting our chauffeur service.
We look forward to being of assistance in the near future.

By reading the above post, hopefully you’re not still asking yourself:
“What’s the difference between a Hertfordshire taxi driver and chauffeur”

Let’s quickly recap the main points of the difference between a taxi driver and chauffeur service in Hertfordshire.

A local taxi driver will usually be collecting clients (plying for hire) on the streets, although some also take pre bookings for future dates through an office.

Chauffeur companies ONLY provide a pre booked service, allowing plenty of additional time if needed, without putting undue pressure on the clients needs or chauffeur.

A local taxi will have a local knowledge of his area and may occasionally use satellite navigation to find his way around, especially in those larger towns and cities.

A chauffeur will have a good knowledge of his local area but will also have an understanding of a larger area including landmarks, we may occasionally use satellite navigation for traffic updates and navigation when not travelling in our area.

Taxi drivers will very rarely wear a shirt or tie whilst working, although there are a few that make an effort to be smart while working.

Our chauffeurs will always be dressed in smart dark suits for any booking type that we undertake, after all you will never get a second chance of making that first impression.

The above points are just some of the differences between a taxi driver and chauffeur service, if you wish to find out more, please contact us.

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